The Cincinnati NAACP has contacted the National NAACP Office to request intervention in the Hunter / Williams Judge race. According to the Cincinnati NAACP’s website,  the Hamilton County Board of Elections made no progress yesterday in counting 849 votes as ordered by Federal Judge Dlott. 

Tracie Hunter filed a lawsuit last month, claiming voters casted votes at the right poll but were led to the wrong table. She believes, as well as the local chapter, that many of these votes were cast in poor or African American neighborhoods.  “All of these votes should be counted and the Cincinnati NAACP plans to do its job in protecting that right,” Christopher Smitherman, president of the Cincinnati NAACP said.

 On Nov. 22, U. S. District Judge Susan Dlott ruled, from Tracie Hunter’s lawsuit, that the board must investigate the provisional ballots. On December 3rd, the board of elections had a hearing at 1 pm, to determine how to proceed with the Court’s order on investigating poll worker error for 849 provisional ballots that were thrown out. Stay tuned to WDBZ, as we’ll keep you updated on this election decision.

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