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For some reason, this past week, a ton of friends and colleagues seemed to be fascinated with the announcement of Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton, but to me it seemed people were commenting and speculating for all the wrong reasons. That unfortunately has continued as reports from the UK and America hit the blog reel today.

Perusing through the open forum that is sometimes initiated on sites like Gawker.com, I discovered an interesting conversation going on that involved a wise crack from Prince Charles – Kate’s future father-in-law. What’s the big fuss? Prince Charles had a mouthful to say about the new addition to the royal family and he doesn’t read very happy with it either. (See Prince William’s Marriage to Old Tramp is a Mistake.)  Every other remark about the situation seems to hold reference to Kate’s assumed promiscuity and the fact that she and Prince William have been “practicing” knocking boots for the longest already. But honestly, who cares? They’re in love right?

Now since I do believe in love and I do honor the sanctity of marriage, I really want to find it hard to believe that folks are already planning for the divorce rather than celebrating the blessed union that is on it’s way.

The entire situation scares me because it’s further proving this floating notion that love and marriage is now becoming or soon will be completely obsolete. Is this what it all boils down to? Even a UK bishop had to apologize for his rude forecast that the marriage won’t last more than seven years. (See UK Bishop Sorry for Prince William Wedding Slur.) Whether she’s undoubtedly a bit more rough around the edges compared to her royal counterparts or if she just doesn’t compare to Prince William’s mother (and the world’s beloved) Princess Diana, doesn’t it remain a fact that these two deserve a chance at love? Yes, indeed.

I heard a quote this weekend that struck a chord with me and ironically, it’s coming up again. “When it comes to matters of the heart, the only sin is turning your back on love because of what other people think.” How profound? It’s definitely steeped in truth, but my hope is that when Prince William and Kate march down that aisle, by then folks will have gotten all of the negativity out of their system and will begin to address the real issues at hand – the right to love anyone you choose to no matter what their sex, class, race, upbringing or family background turns out to be.

Remember not to celebrate the end before the beginning.

So folks, what do you have to say about all of this? Share your thoughts on the message board below and let us know what’s on your mind.



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