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(KG) CD11NWORD -- The Manual High School Student Leadership Team hosted a mock funeral to bury the "N" word Wednesday during a school assembly. The goal of the event was to educate students about the history and impact of words that degrade or demean. Kar

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Ahhh, how lovely it is to wake up in post-racial America where old generations of white people are dying off and new generations of white youth are ushering in a new era of societal colorblindness and racial tolerance. Yes, sir, Martin Luther King’s dream has been realized at last. Why, all one needs to do is take a peek at Twitter and see the young Caucasian crusaders of love and racism-less bones holding up signs to welcome Black people to a new America.

Of course, I’m being sarcastic.

In fact, in Florida, some of them are holding up signs that spell out the racist slur, “n****r.” All while the state’s Republicans pushing to ban critical race theory (CRT) remain silent.

According to CNN, the Martin County School District is investigating a photo taken at Hidden Oaks Middle School in Palm City where white students were hidden behind their own bigotry in the form of letters that look like they came from some KKK Nickelodeon set, which they used to spell out the N-word.

Just look at these smiling faces. You’d think they’d at least tone down the Nazi Jr. energy while the white supremacist Buffalo shooting that killed 10 Black people is still fresh in the news cycle, but no.

“We are moving with all deliberate speed to interview all those who may have been involved in this shameful incident, and, unfortunately, can confirm that the photo is authentic,” Superintendent of Schools John D. Millay said in a statement published on the district’s website. “We expect to have our investigation finalized within the next 48 hours.”

Millay continued: “Students who were involved in this disgraceful incident will be provided the due process afforded under federal and state law, and our investigation will not compromise those rights. The District is, however, appalled, and saddened by this incident which is contrary to our values, and the ideals that are instilled in our students.”

The statement went on to say the district can’t identify the students who took part in the display, but he said, “the District will mete out appropriate disciplinary consequences to any students who participated in this behavior, pursuant to the District’s Code of Student Conduct.”

On Tuesday, members of the local community met with officials at a Martin County School Board meeting to express their outrage.

“What we saw wasn’t racism, it was beyond racism,” said Marwan Porter. “It was terrorism. And that is what’s happening in our community.”

Porter also warned that these are the kind of antics that could lead to another shooting like the one in Buffalo. (Did I call it or did I call it?)

OK, so this is all well and good, but you know who I want to hear from? Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

If this were an incident where parents were outraged at a school board meeting because they felt their kids were being “indoctrinated” by some anti-racism program, DeSantis and other Florida Republicans would be huffing and puffing and blowing CRT down. But, of course, you can expect Florida’s conservative officials to be silent on this one, and next week, they’ll continue denouncing any and all anti-racism programs in their schools because they’re “divisive,” unnecessary and only serve to make white studentswho totally aren’t racist anywayfeel bad.

Imagine the anti-CRT speeches DeSantis would be delivering if Black students were holding up letters that spelled out the c-word.


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