The Gale King Show will be a part of Detroit’s Only Urban

News Talk Station Line-Up

Detroit, MI – November 10, 2010

Gayle King is Editor-At-Large of O, The Oprah Magazine and she is the host of The Gayle King Show, a national radio talk show launched in 2006 on XM Radio, and subsequently distributed on broadcast radio via Westwood One Radio Network. Radio One Detroit has inked a deal with Westwood One Radio Network to start broadcasting the show starting on Monday, November 15, 2010.

“The Gayle King show is exactly what we’ve been looking for and it only makes sense to launch it on Detroit’s ONLY Urban News talk station—AM 1200 WCHB!” said Ms. Smiley, Program Director at Radio One Detroit.

Besides being Oprah best friend, King makes occasional appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America and Morning Joe. King is a three-time Emmy® Award-winning newscaster, anchoring 18 years for a local CBS affiliate in Hartford, Connecticut. Her extensive media experience led her to launch The Gayle King Show, a platform for in-depth, on-air discussion covering topics from current events and cultural trends to politics and more. In 2008, King won the American Women in Radio & Television Gracie Award® for Outstanding Radio Talk Show and the Individual Achievement Award for Host – Entertainment/Information in 2010. She is also a 2010 New York Women in Communications’ Matrix Award recipient.

The Gayle King Show will air following Ramona Prater’s show – The F Club which focuses on The Fab life of Forties, Fifties and Forever.

The “F” Club caters to women in the Reinvention Phase of their lives, addressing “F” issues like Flirt (love), Fitness, Fashion, Family and Finance. Gayle’s Show will be followed by Mildred Gaddis Rewind, for WCHB’s three back-to-back powerhouse radio talk radio shows.

Air Days: Monday through Friday

Air Time: 6pm- 8pm

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