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Fox Sport’s commentator Skip Bayless is a charitable man. So charitable, in fact, that for Lord knows how long, he has allowed NBA superstar LeBron James to live in his head rent-free. (I mean, LeBron is rich AF, so it ain’t like he needs a place to stay, but if he was ever looking for a new vacation home, Bayless keeps a whole palace between his shoulders with the L.A. Laker’s name on the welcome matt.)

Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant let it be known Tuesday that he is not here for Bayless’ compliments if the king of Bron-related butthurt can’t deliver them without tacking on backhanded shade aimed at his brother on the basketball court.

As HuffPost reported, Durant “scored 34 points in the COVID-depleted Nets’ overtime victory over visiting Toronto” on Tuesday. Now, all Bayless had to do was congratulate Durant, express his admiration for the NBA legend and Skip (see what I did there?) the LeBron hate, but noooooo—he just had to throw in a salty weed while giving Durant his flowers.

“The Best Player on the Planet was at it again tonight in Brooklyn, going assassin in overtime for the COVID-rocked Nets,” Bayless tweeted. “Nothing like Kevin Durant. You watch, Bron?”

Who knows if James was watching the game, but Durant was definitely watching Skippy’s half-arthritic Twitter fingers and he responded by essentially telling Bayless to say less.

“I really don’t like u,” Durant Tweeted in response to Bayless Skipping over to ride his jockstrap. (At this point, I just can’t help myself.)

And that’s it—that’s all the response Bayless’ needless hating was worth.

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