HEBRON, Ky. — In the wake of the attempted terror attack on Christmas day, security protocols have been ramped up both in the U.S. and abroad.

Passengers headed into the United States will be allowed only one carry-on item. That item will also be screened a second time at the gate. In addition, passengers on in-bound flights from abroad will be required to stay seated for the last hour of the flight.

“If it’s necessary I think anything that’s necessary is probably what they have to do so it makes it tough on people,” said Peggy Schubert of Hamilton.

Screeners are also asking passengers for their mother’s maiden name and other personal questions like middle names and birth dates. Hesitation could, in theory, trigger a red flag for security officers.

Those who 9News spoke with at the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport felt that travel inside the U.S. is safer than flights abroad.

“We’re safer flying city to city rather than country to country,” said Al Harris of Jackson, Georgia.

“I think in general everybody is looking out for each other,” said Mary Cassidy of Cincinnati.

Cassidy feels security measures in the United States are effective.

“Things are moving along at the checkpoints so people aren’t frustrated at the wait but they still feel that the job is being done,” said Cassidy.

In the meantime, new machines that scan the whole body are due to arrive at the airport sometime after the first of the year. The scanners, which have been nicknamed the naked scanners, allow a security agent to see through a person’s clothing.

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