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'Halloween Kills' Director Explains Why Michael Meyers Is More Violent

Source: Universal Pictures / Halloween Kills

Michael Meyers is back, and he’s even more dangerous than before. 

The return of Meyers in Halloween Kills marks the 11th appearance on the big screen for the iconic horror film character. In the movie now in theaters and streaming on Peacock, the boogeyman is still alive and kicking. He is BIG MAD after being left to burn in a house redesigned by Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) to be a trap that would serve as his final resting place in 2018’s Halloween, which served as a reboot.

Now, more motivated than ever, Meyers stalks the town of Haddonfield once again, but this time it’s a bit different. The locals are fed up and join in on the action cause they want the evil to die finally. But, what they don’t know is they are going to meet a more vicious, outright brutal Michael Meyers, who now wants to issue a fade to Laurie Strode and her family after leaving him to burn.

Before the film was released, Cassius Life had the opportunity to speak with the film’s director David Gordon Green. We also spoke with two stars from Anthony Michael Hall, Andi Matichak about their roles in the film in a series of round table discussions.

We asked Green about this more aggressive version of Michael Meyers and why he was so violent this time around, especially when issuing fades to the people of Haddonfield.

I was watching it a few nights and was like ‘yeah, it’s like he got struck by lightning and supercharged or something,’” Green begins. “Part of it was wanting to up the ante for the audience and see Michael in all of his… you know you wouldn’t call it rage because he doesn’t really doesn’t express rage. But he has been trapped and burnt alive in a basement, so there’s got to be something internally that needs to be released, and I think that’s how he sees his own sword-wielding brand of justice.”

Everybody kind of makes this decision to rise up and to become fighters and not just survivors and not just victims.
Halloween Kills

Source: Universal Pictures / Halloween Kills

Of course, we had to ask Michael Meyer’s likely victims about their experiences with the legendary mask-wearing, butcher knife-wielding maniac. Anthony Michael Hall, who plays an older version of Tommy Doyle –the young boy who survived a run-in with Meyers in the 1978 film– talked about facing Haddonfield’s boogeyman in Halloween Kills.

Halloween Kills

Source: Universal Pictures / Halloween Kills

“There’s something really freaky about it. It got me pumped. I was just excited. So even though it’s make-believe and your playing, you gotta make it real for yourself,” Hall begins. “I’m Irish/Italian, so I have kind of a pugnacious character. It was just a lot fun to apply that to this role, that he’s a fighter, the whole town is. Everybody kind of makes this decision to rise up and to become fighters and not just survivors and not just victims. To me, that’s what was really cool about the script is that everybody has the opportunity to make that turn and has a similar trajectory even though everyone gets there differently with their own characters. I just felt so blessed and privileged just to be a part of it, and now that we all know that film turned out so great, we’re all amped because it’s so exciting to know first of all how hungry the audience is and that we’re gonna bring them something great, that they’re going to get hyped about.”

Halloween Kills

Source: Universal Pictures / Halloween Kills

Andi Matichak, who plays Laurie Strodes’ granddaughter Allyson, gets to experience what her grandmother had to endure for many years. When asked if this film felt like a changing of the guard with Curtis handing over the knife to her, she revealed she needed to step up for Laurie, who is still recovering from her encounter in the 2018 film.

“There are a lot of similarities between Laurie and Allyson,” Matichak begins. “I think part of the reason why Allyson takes charge in Halloween Kills is because she knows that her grandmother is a wounded warrior, and she needs to step up to fill her shoes while Laurie fights for her life. I wouldn’t count Laurie out, though… She’s Laurie Strode for a reason!”

I wouldn’t count Laurie out, though… She’s Laurie Strode for a reason!”
Halloween Kills

Source: Universal Pictures / Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills diced up the competition at the box office, bringing in $50.4 domestically, making it the best R-rated and horror opening since the pandemic starting, despite mixed reviews. The rebooted trilogy will conclude when Halloween Ends arrives on October 14, 2022.

Photos:Universal Pictures / Halloween Kills

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Halloween Kills” Director David Gordon Green Reveals Why Michael Meyers Is More Brutal Than Ever  was originally published on cassiuslife.com

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