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Beauty influencer Briana Monique is under fire for making ignorant comments about “nappy” African American hair during a recent beauty review video. The Youtube personality, who boasts nearly 344k followers, was reviewing a black-owned hair product, but it’s unclear as to what the name of the brand was.

In the video, Briana can be heard saying that she is “blessed to have her hair texture,” adding that her mother has always reminded her how lucky she is to have her curly tresses. She said she would see her mother struggle to maintain her “naps” growing up.

Take a look at the video below to listen.

Followers and critics of the beauty guru have called her out for making some ignorant and texturism remarks about naturalistas and different African American hair types. One user on Instagram wrote in response to the video, “Don’t take no offense” then proceeds to be offensive. Ok,” while another user commented, “She said her mom is black like she ain’t? Did I understand her correctly? ” A third user replied, “I blame her self hating momma honestly.”

The light skin, curly hair stereotype is an issue far too prevalent within the Black community and it’s one that continues to haunt us in a damaging and pervasive way. Often times those questionable “good hair compliments” contribute to colorism experienced amongst women of darker skin tones and “coilier” hair types. The problematic stereotype has often led to harmful beauty standards that consider light skin or mixed-race women to be more desirable or in some cases more beautiful than women of darker hues, and it’s unfair and disrespectful. Back in July, Love & Hip Hop star, Masika Kalysha slammed Black men for pushing the good hair narrative.

“Dear black men, when u see a black woman with curly hair and/or lighter skin ‘what r u mixed wit’ is not a compliment. It’s actually pretty fkn ignorant,” Masika tweeted.

Earlier this week, Saweetie came to the defense of dark-skinned women after a questionable interview she did with Bay Area legend Too Short resurfaced.

In the video, the “My Type” rapper and Short were chatting about interracial relationships, but things seemingly turned left when he began ranting about his love for mixed-race women, leaving many fans puzzled and offended. While the edited clip appeared to leave out Saweetie’s response to Short’s mix-race beauty rant, the Northern California native later clarified her stance by sharing the full clip on Twitter.

“I heard your little comment about when people come together they make a beautiful baby, but Black women is beautiful period, on their own, with their own blood, you feel me?” she says in the unedited video. Saweetie captioned the video writing:

“Since@idkthreat blocked me make sure y’all post the whole clip. Black women are beautiful period!”

This hurtful narrative that suggests mixed-race or lighter skin equates to a higher beauty standard than people living with darker hues, is ridiculous and needs to be done with for good.


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