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1. Happy Labor Day to Black Giants of the Labor Movement

What You Need To Know:

Today is Labor Day. It’s more than a day to say goodbye to summer with one last barbeque, prepare for this next semester of school, or if one is lucky, begin a change of wardrobe.

2. States Following Texas’ Abortion Law Blueprint

What You Need To Know:

The Texas abortion law, also referred to as the “fetal heartbeat” law that went into effect September 1, bans most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, before most women have even discovered they are pregnant.

3. Coronavirus Update: Inmates Granted Home Confinement Amid Pandemic Face Return to Jail

What We Need To Know: 

Inmates on home confinement could soon be sent back to prison after the pandemic. Last year, the Trump administration’s Justice Department filed a memo requiring released inmates to return when the pandemic ends.

4. Racist Text to Black Student from Flight Instructor Goes Viral

]What You Need To Know:

King Davis, a 34-year-old Black man residing in Atlanta, GA decided to take flight lessons as a hobby to expand his marketing and branding agency.

5. Feds Look into McFlurry Fans Screams over Broken Ice Cream Machines 

What You Need To Know:

What’s the Flurry over broken McDonald’s ice cream machines? For years, the  McFlurry machines have been the basis of jokes and even memes.


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