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It’s officially time to celebrate your pops.

The third Sunday of June is the day you spend with the family while grilling out or just making sure your dad feels appreciated. However, in tons of movies, it’s rarely seen how important and pivotal that male influence can be in a youngster’s life. So, in honor of father’s day, CASSIUS is celebrating the holiday by taking a look back at some of the most positive portrayals of Black fathers in recent movie history– namely Boyz n the Hood.

The coming of age film follows Tre, played by Cube Gooding Jr., who is sent to live with his father Furious, played by Laurence Fishburne, to learn what it means to take responsibility for your actions and making the right decision in tough situations.

The homies Mouse Jones and Rodney Rikai chopped it up about how they plan to celebrate the occasion and the abundance of handmade cards they’ve received before delving into what the movie means to them as Black fathers.

“That movie debuted in 1991. I’m not going to age any of us, but it doesn’t matter the age you are because it is a must-see in our community,” explains Mouse while revealing that he saw the classic John Singleton-produced film as recently as two weeks ago.

Rikai goes on to tell the story of how Boyz n the Hood recently became a reality to him as he waited until his own son was 13-years-old before they watched the movie together.

“It’s something that all boys should have to go through with their father. Kids period, but especially young Black men. It should be a time in which they are under their father’s roof,” says Rikai.

Watch the duo speak further on being Black fathers on topics such as discipline, when to have “the talk,” and police brutality in the video up top.

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