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Slick Woods is truly one of kind. Born Simone Thompson, the model, and actress is known for her signature bald head, gapped teeth, cool tattoos, and work with fashion gurus like Rihanna, Kanye West, and Marc Jacobs. She’s definitely not your typical high fashion model but that’s absolutely why we love her, as her realness and rawness come through in her signature style, personality, and super cool demeanor.

The 24-year-old model recently upped her cool points again when she appeared on the latest episode of “High Tales,” the cannabis-based digital series from Jay Z’s MONOGRAM platform – an orbit dedicated to normalizing the recreational use of marijuana.

The short, 5-minute episode features Slick in a platinum blonde, Marilyn Monroe-inspired wig, yellow crop top, white wide-legged pants, and white sneakers while she opened up about her experiences with…well… weed.

While sitting in what looked like a California desert, Slick opened up by introducing herself as “the girl your parents didn’t warn you about because their imagination wasn’t that far out.” She continued by talking about how she feels when she smokes “all day, all the time” except when she’s with her son, Saphir. “It’s a therapeutic feeling of rolling your own stuff and like, breaking down the cannabis and feeling if it’s sticky or if it’s dry,” she explained. “Then that sensual feeling of like making out with it like after prom. That’s what weed is to me.”

She then told a hilarious story about how she got her moniker Slick Woods when she was just 18 years old, which of course came from her experience with rolling and smoking weed with some friends. “If I didn’t roll up properly, they would take my cannabis away from me. They would haze me like I was in a frat house,” she explained. “And I used to be in my room like rolling it up. And I just practiced so hard that I used to be the best. So when I rolled up a wood and everybody was like, ‘bro, she has to roll up everything from now on.’ So my name: Slick Woods.”

Her cool factor just shot up another 10 points. If you ask me.

Check out a snippet of the episode here.
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