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1. Biden in Tulsa: “We must not give hate a safe harbor”

What You Need To Know:

At the site of the worst destruction in American history, of a Black community,  a bustling economy and its people, President Biden marked the commemoration of the Tulsa Race Massacre. It was 100 years ago this week that White mobs killed hundreds of Black citizens, injured thousands more and destroyed a once-thriving business district and neighborhoods. 

2. Texas Democrats Pressure Lawmakers to Pass Federal Voting Rights Laws

What You Need To Know:

In Texas over the holiday weekend, Senate Bill (S.B.) 7, a controversial restrictive voting bill, seemed all but guaranteed to pass.

3. Coronavirus Update: Employers Can Require Vaccine for Workers, Says EEOC

What We Need To Know: 

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has updated its guidance to allow employers to require the Covid-19 vaccine of its workers.

4. Black Woman Gets $385 Ticket For Talking Too Loud

What You Need To Know:

Just before the Memorial Day Weekend, a Black woman received a $385 ticket in her own neighborhood and the reason is ridiculous.

5. Google Rehauls AI Ethics Research Staff Following Accusations Of Racism

What You Need To Know:

Tech giant Google (GOOG +2.05%) plans to double its Artificial Intelligence (AI) research team to 200 employees, after ousting two female AI experts, Dr. Timnit Gebu, a Black woman, and Margaret Mitchell.


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