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Pizza Chain Chuck E. Cheese Files For Bankruptcy Protection

Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty

Chuck E. Cheese is usually supposed to be a fun place for children to have fun, run around and enjoy themselves.  Not to mention the pizza served there.

However, on April 18 at the popular establishment’s Golden Gate location in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.  What was supposed to be a good time would turn into a nasty brawl that involved parents.

Mayfield Heights Police Officers had to answer a call to intervene in a huge fight that already got out of hand.

A manager told dispatchers through 911 “I need the cops here now, we have a big fight going on. Guests just flipped tables in my showroom, I need someone now.”

Another caller mentioned “I don’t know who has the gun, but there’s children here. Can you please hurry up?” when it was reported that “one of the nearly 20 people involved in the fight pulled out a gun.”

So how did the brawl even start?

From WJW Fox 8 News Cleveland:

Witnesses say the large fight started after two small children got into an altercation. Their mothers confronted each other, and one of them then spit in the other’s face.

Police body camera video of the incident reveals that every time it appeared the situation was starting to calm down, angry words were exchanged and the customers tried to get at each other again, in full view of the children still in the restaurant.

It was so back at Cheese, that officers from “four surrounding communities” were called in to help “restore order” until things would eventually settle.

Still, that didn’t stop one of the mothers accused from the fight criticize police for their handling of the fight on the spot, especially when someone was placed in handcuffs for failing to corporate with officers:

The officer told 32-year-old Simone Ware, “well, maybe you shouldn’t start a fight in Chuck E. Cheese.”

Simone Ware replied, “I didn’t start a fight, I paid a thousand dollars, not to be crying, just to have a party, they came over here and started a fight because they said a kid hit a kid and rather than be an adult about it and talking about it, she wanted to come over here and fight about it.”

Ware was one of the five individuals each hit with a charge for that particular brawl.  The other four were Shekeerah Blair, 27, Dominique Ware, 28, Brittnie Hill, 27 and Desire Thomas, 27.

Blair is charged with “carrying a weapon into a prohibited place” after carrying a gun inside her purse at Cheese and was seen by others waiving it “around during the brawl.”  She has a permit that allows her to carry and use a gun, but that particular weapon is not allowed inside the business.

Hill, Thomas and both Wares – Simone and Dominique – have been charged with “disorderly conduct.”

One of the children was also hit with pepper spray from one of the individuals involved and charged.  That child was taken care of by paramedics.

There is also body cam footage from police.

Here is a report below from Fox 8 News:

It looks highly unlikely any of them will be back at a Chuck E. Cheese anytime soon.


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Article and Video Courtesy of WJW Fox 8 News Cleveland

First Picture Courtesy of Roberto Machado Noa and Getty Images

Second Picture Courtesy of Justin Sullivan and Getty Images

Parents Brawl with One Another at Ohio Chuck E. Cheese  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com