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1. Politicians in Glass Houses: GOP Tried and Failed to Censure Rep. Waters

What You Need To Know:

Last week, Democrats defeated an effort by top House Republican Kevin McCarthy, to censure Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) for suggesting that racial justice protesters should “get more confrontational” if the Derek Chauvin jury did not return a guilty verdict.

2. 81 Anti-Protest Bills are Racist and Unconstitutional, Civil Rights Advocates Say

What You Need To Know:

As protests against police shootings and racial injustice continue, GOP lawmakers are rolling out new laws aimed at criminalizing demonstrations nationwide. According to the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law, 81 anti-protest bills have been introduced in 34 states so far in 2021.

3. Coronavirus Update: Florida Family Accused of Making Millions on Toxic Bleach Covid-19 Cure

What We Need To Know: 

Florida man Mark Grenon, and his three sons, Jonathan, Jordan and Joseph, have been accused in federal court of selling 28,000 bottles of bleach that were marketed as a “miracle cure” for the coronavirus and other illnesses.

4. Black People: Are We Ok?

What You Need To Know:

In addition to dealing with hardships due to the pandemic, including deaths of loved ones and iconic figures and a resurgence in gun violence, Black people are constantly dealing with institutionalized racism and the growing number of disproportionate cases of brutality and murders at the hands of police. With all of these things going on simultaneously, it raises a concern for us as a whole: are we ok?

5. Tweet Cred: Justice Clarence Thomas’s Mission To Regulate Twitter

What You Need To Know:

Justice Clarence Thomas has set his sights on moderation on Twitter (TWTR -3.74%) and other tech platforms. Interestingly enough, Justice Thomas’ concurrence came after Twitter banned former President Trump for inciting the Capitol Riot on January 6, 2021.


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WATCH: What You Need To Know — April 27, 2021: Politicians in Glass Houses — 81 Anti-Protest Bills — Black People: Are We Ok?  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com