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1. Day 8: Derek Chauvin Murder Trial

What You Need To Know:

As the Derek Chauvin murder trial moved into the second week, the prosecution shifted from eyewitness testimony to focusing on the former Minneapolis police officer’s use of force, trying to show his use of force was excessive and led to George Floyd’s death. 

2. Atlanta Mayor Issues Administrative Order in Fight for Voting Rights

What You Need To Know:

The battle over the new voting law in Georgia continues.

3. Coronavirus Update: Study Finds Link Between Covid-19 and Brain Disorders

A recent study by the journal Lancet Psychiatry found that a third of Covid-19 survivors experience long-term brain or psychiatric disorders.

4. Expiring Reprieve For Intellectually Disabled Black Man On Death Row

What You Need To Know:

Pervis Payne, a 54-year-old death row inmate who is Black, has been granted a temporary reprieve by Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, which is set to expire midnight April 10.

5. The New Wave Of Creating Social Justice Through Index Funds

What You Need To Know:

OpenInvest, a fintech startup in the Bay Area is betting on impact investing, creating one of the first “racial justice” index tools, giving investors the opportunity to customize their portfolios based on metrics like diversity and social impact.


WATCH: What You Need To Know — April 8, 2021: Atlanta Mayor Fights for Voting Rights — Covid-19 & Brain Disorders — Social Justice Index Funds  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com