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1. Trump 2024

What You Need To Know:

With apologies to poet Dylan Thomas, Donald Trump will not “go gentle into that good night.” Although…..during a recent coronavirus update, he did talk about the handling of the pandemic by the “next administration.”

2. One Stabbed, 20 Arrested During Trump Rally Disputing Election Results

What You Need To Know:

Over the weekend in Washington D.C., thousands of Trump supporters descended on the nation’s capital for the “Million MAGA March” to denounce the election results, repeating unfounded allegations of widespread voter fraud. 

3. Coronavirus Update: With No Leadership, Pandemic Spreads Like Wildfire in U.S.


What You Need To Know:

The coronavirus pandemic has replaced the presidential election in the news headlines as infections in the U.S. spiral out of control. On Friday and Saturday, confirmed cases exceeded 350,000 while more than 2,600 people succumbed to the virus.

4. FBI Warns of White Supremacist Activity in Pittsburgh

What You Need To Know:

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has become a “hub” for white supremacists, with activity ranking among the highest in the country.

5. The Kanye “Gap” Revival Could Yield $1 Billion In Sales

 What You Need To Know:

The Gap (GPS +1.77%) announced turnaround plans to refocus efforts on fast-growing brands and ecommerce.

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