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First Part of  Two-Part Story

12 year old solves Rubik’s Cube in about 2 mins while talking to Video Guy. I met CJ and his mom at the library and he told some kids that he could solve the Rubix Cube in about 2 mins. Not only did he do it twice, but he had a few distractions along the way.

The Rubix Cube was invented in 1974 by Erno Rubik. It became popular in the 80’s selling over 350 million cube worldwide.

Watch the video here:


Second Part of Two-Part Story

Wow! After C.J.’s Rubik’s Cube Video received over 150,000 views on CNN’s I report site, I had to find out a little more about the kid.

I contacted his mom by e mail and we met Monday – December 7, 2009 at Cincinnati’s Main Library. I was amazed at what I heard.

Later that night I met and recorded the family on video. I learned so much about C.J. and his family. Some things C.J. doesn’t like to speak about. Other things he’s very excited about, such as he solved the Rubik’s Cube in about two minutes. Not only can he do that, but he can solve it in about three seconds, (If he does it by a certain memory and movement technique, after he has mixed the color blocks and cube himself.)

C.J. makes A’s and B’s on his report cards, and he is on the school’s honor roll, plus he’s enrolled in advanced classes. C.J. also draws and practices the art of Origami (A folding paper art) and much more. He loves math and science and he hopes to become a builder of homes and a teacher.

Please enjoy this video and look for more from C.J., Cincinnati’s New Rubik’s Cube Kid.

Just a note C.J. just turned 12 mid-summer 2009

He owned one Rubik’s Cube Last year, but he said he could only solve one side at the time.

The next time he tried to solve a Rubik’s Cube is when he received the Rubik’s Cube seen on his video recorded October 30, 2009. He had just received this cube in mid-October 2009. His mom mixed it up not using or even aware of certain memory and movement techniques. She told me she wasn’t really even sure he could solve it again as he had before. But as you know C.J. solved it in about two minutes.


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