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The year of 2009 is coming to a close. I don’t know about you but I’m feeling really grateful in spite of all of the challenges. My hope is that you all will have your own personal top 10 comebacks in 2010. I hope if you are struggling with self-doubt you will come back and live in fearless faith.

Now that I’m done with my “fired up and ready to go” moment, let’s get to what I consider the Top 10 Comebacks of 2009. Happy reading everyone and I’m sure you will have fun disagreeing with me on one or two…any more than that and I’m going to feel some sorta way…I’m just sayin’.


The Return Of Scripted Television. Although I am a reality show producer, I must admit that I was very happy to see new sitcoms return to television and good ones to boot. NBC seems to want it’s must see tv crowd back with shows like Community. Big shout out to Yvette Nicole Brown. Fox has a huge hit on its hands with its break out series, Glee. Who doesn’t like a good show tune?


Have my eyes deceived me or am I really starting to see people wearing shoulder pads in their clothes again? I remember wanting that Janet Jackson look with really big hair and giant shoulder pads like in Control. But that was like um…well 15 years ago. I guess what’s old is new again. Who knew?!


HI BABY! Yes that was meant as a scream in honor of the number 8 comeback of 2009, the return of Late Night Talk. For all of us who like to get our late night laugh on, Monique seems to have made a scream for herself as host of her own late night show on BET. Lopez Tonight with funny man, George Lopez has been wildly successful and comedian, Wanda Sykes has brought her funny to late night talk.


The New York Yankees winning the team’s 27th World Series Championship. After a dismal 2008 and not making the playoffs to winning it all in 2009, my…I mean the New York City Yankees has silenced (sorta) all of the Gotham City haters and Alex Rodriquez has finally gotten the Madonna…uh…I mean the proverbial monkey off of his back with a huge post season and a new woman to cheer him on in Kate Hudson. Everybody now: LET’S GO YANKEES! Smile(ting)


“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal’…” Weighing in at number 6 is the return of “the dream”. In my very humble opinion with the inauguration of this nation’s very first African American President, President Barack Obama, it seems black folks have decided to step up in ways I have not seen in years. We are starting businesses at an all time rate. We are stepping up to parent better because we believe one day our sons and daughters can also attain the highest office in the land…at least have a legitimate shot at it. Special shout out to the Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for planting the dream seed so many years ago.


It’s a dog eat dog world out there sometimes and Michael Vick learned the hard way. But it’s probably the best thing to ever happen to him. After spending nearly two years in jail on charges of dog fighting, Michael Vick made his comeback to the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles. Although this Cowboys fan (please no Romo jokes, thank you) will never find a way to cheer on the Eagles during game play, I will however show them some love for having the courage and nerve to bring Michael Vick onto a team with an already superstar black QB in Mcbaby…Uh…I mean McNabb. Everyone loves a good comeback story and Vick has certainly been just that especially now that the Eagles have figured out how to use him in their offense.


I don’t know if you can tell but this Jesus loving chic loves her some sports. With that said, the number 4 comeback was a hum dinger! Peyton Manning to Reggie Wayne. That should be ‘nuff said’ but because that game between the Colts and Patriots was so off the hook, I’ll go ahead and say something else. SOMETHING ELSE!!! If you love football and even if you don’t, you had to be impressed with how Manning led his team from a six point deficit with only two minutes left in the game to play. Manning and the Colts are still undefeated at this time. And it’s well deserved.


One word: MAXWELL. The first time I heard this Brooklyn native’s smooth and oh so silky tenor it was his Urban Hang Suite circa 1996. It was love at first ear. Then there was the video…Lawd have all your mercy! That brother is fine. It’s okay to say a man is fine and stay saved. Chile Palease! But for some reason Maxwell disappeared after a single here and an album there. Low and behold, up jumped 2009 and Maxwell made a major comeback with his latest cd, “BLACKsummer’snight. I want some pretty wings of love…that’s all I’m saying.


Don’t call it a comeback, she’s been here for years. But whew am I glad she’s back and singing again. The one and only, fellow Jersey girl…Ms. Whitney Houston! Thank God, crack really is wack and Whitney seems to have found herself. Whitney made a triumphant comeback with her latest cd I Look To You under the tutelage of her mentor Clive Davis. The title track and that Million Dollar song has me humming all day. Some have questioned will her voice ever be what it once was pre-Bobay…You have to say it like that…not Bobby. I say her voice is timeless and she can still out sing most of the so called artists putting out junk…uh…music these days.


June 25, 2009, the King of Pop died. It was like a bad dream and I felt as if a part of my childhood passed away too. But in a very strange way it appears Michael Jackson’s death has also made him the biggest comeback story of 2009. His album sales are through the roof. I sat and cried my way through the film This Is It. Michael’s sheer genius was amazing to watch. To all of you wonderful people who want to do anything significant in life, MJ was an example of perfecting his craft in a way like none other. RIP MJ.