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Roc Nation’s newest R&B hip-hop duo Ceraadi is more than just one of the hottest things in music out of Los Angeles. The inseparable Gibson sisters, Emaza and Saiyr, have been taking over our explore page with their dance challenges, Fashion Nova hauls and music freestyles of Chris Brown and Drake’s “No Guidance” summer hit. Since their debut EP, Ceraadi’s Playlist, to their newly released banger, “BFF,” the internet has seen these two take over our hearts and ears with their fun-loving personalities, dope performances and undeniable talent.

HelloBeautiful had the chance to catch up with Ceraadi to discuss their multicultural background, how Black culture has influenced their throwback 90s vibes street style and how their ambassadorship with Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty embraces body positivity.

How would you say your fashion sense has evolved since the release of your introductory EP, Ceraadi’s Playlist?

Emaza: Our fashion sense definitely evolved since our introductory EP, Ceraadi’s Playlist. We feel it has a lot to do with us growing into young women and tapping into our sexy vibes. 

Saiyr: We actually had a creative team for this upcoming project we’re releasing later this year. Prince and Jacob of Galore magazine helped us create some alter egos in these crazy videos we have coming out so we’re excited for everyone to see.    

What have been some of your favorite looks from your accompanying music videos from your visuals?

Emaza: One of our favorite looks was from our first music video, “Loyal.” We were posted up against a dope red low rider and we had these tribal black and white overalls on. It was definitely a vibe. 

Saiyr: It’s hard to say what look is our favorite from our new project because they’re all fire so we’ll let you guys decide when the project drops! (Laughs)


Source: The Brand Agency / The Brand Agency

How does your style impact your music? How does your music impact your personal style? 

Emaza: Our style seals the music. You can listen to a song but once you see us perform or one of our music videos, it completes the vision. You can understand what kind of group we are through our style. 

Saiyr: We always say our music provides certain moods when you listen to it. When you hear our song Ok, the fit idea is most likely a tomboy baggy fit because of the words and energy the record provides. 

Do you have hands-on say in the fitting and styling in your videos? How do you construct the perfect outfits for your videos and performances?

 Saiyr: We’re very hands on with everything. We like to be open minded to ideas, open to try, because you never know what dope iea someone outside yourself has.

Emaza: When it comes to constructing outfits we pretty much just through things together and it has to be danceable!


Source: The Brand Agency / The Brand Agency

 Some people may not recognize the fact that you’re multiracial. How do your multicultural backgrounds influence your sense of style? 

Emaza: Being multiracial is dope, especially when it comes to fashion because you have different culture backgrounds you can play off of or pay homage to. 

Saiyr: You can show where you’re from without having to say it. 

How does Black culture influence your fashion sense?

 Ceraadi: Fashion and music go hand and hand. SWV, we grew up on them and Coko had the iconic long nails, TLC crop tops and baggy pants, Aaliyah with her amazing glam. It’s what we grew up on. Our Grandma had finger waves. We can’t help but to be influenced by the Black Culture because that’s who we are.

How have you seen Black-owned brands rise above COVID-19 and what are your faves to support?

Ceraadi: We feel the voice and existence of Black folks risen above COVID. We’ve seen so much support has been given to clothing brands even down to restaurants. We haven’t done much shopping since we’ve been in quarantine but before this pandemic happened we supported lines like: Rxch which we used in our cover art for our single BFF, Dirrty Store which we believed is based in the UK, and we love Dionne by T. Dionne!

 How would you describe your personal styles and how do they differ from one another?

Saiyr: My style is definitely soft glam meets tomboy! I love different patterns, beanies, loads of hoop earrings, [and] the throwback blonde fingerwaves, doll eyelashes, decorative nails, and I love my tattoos. Lowkey like an 90’s urban skater girl vibes. If that makes sense (laughs). Fun and quirky! 

Emaza: I love my Red Hair, it’s definitely my statement piece. You will always catch me with some fire stiletto nails, cut crease shadow, fire lash set, and poppin’ lip gloss. Oh, and of course a designer bag! I love crop tops and baggy pants, but I can always switch it up with a corset top and thigh high boots. Sexy and tomboy, with confident boss bih vibes!

How has COVID-19 impacted your style? What can we see you two wearing around the house?

This COVID situation really released the pressure from worrying about style due to everything being shut down. Around the house we are always in comfortable attire. You can never have too many t-shirts or sweats.

What’s your signature makeup and hair look on a day-to-day basis?

Saiyr: If I’m running errands: beanies, converse, crop top and sweatpants. If I’m out to turn heads: 90’s glam with the dark lip liner, crop top, starting to get on my low rise jean vibes, and some fly sneakers, and loads of hoops.

 Emaza: I’ve been switching it up lately trying fun little hair styles besides my natural curls. I’ll either have my hair blown out, cute buns, ponytails, half up half down, and don’t forget baby hairs! I’ll throw on a cute crop top, cute jacket just Incase it gets cold, and some jeans to make the booty look right with sneakers.

How did you become signed with Savage x Fenty? How does your ambassadorship boost your confidence and promote body positivity?

Ceraadi: Savage reached out to us last year and it was dope because we were their first set of ambassadors so we were honored. They loved our energy and the fact we consistently uplift our supporters to love the body they were born with. Before Savage, we had never posted a photo in lingerie so it was different but gave us the confidence to show our body positivity. 

What advice do you have for HelloBeautiful readers who may be struggling with confidence in their personal style? 

Ceraadi: Dress how you want to dress, it’s about expression. Who cares what people think!? Live your life to the fullest. Wear what you want because it’s your body it’s your life.


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