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Kim Kardashian is back on the blogs again where she loves to be. This time it is for saying an inappropriate comment during LaLa Vasquez and Carmello Anthony’s wedding reception. During her toast, Kim was quoted as saying something to the extent of when their son grows up, she wants him to be her boyfriend. This comment may seem innocent enough and I’m sure she was not deliberately trying to be inappropriate by saying it but it did strike some nerves. One being that of singer Kelly Rowland who yelled “Kim!” while promptly snatching the mic away from her.

At first, I too dismissed the comment as being trivial because I could tell that her dingy behavior was not meant to cause harm. Then I thought about it a little more. Sure Kim’s comment were petty but in the larger scheme of things, they were more than trivial, they were grossly inappropriate. Here are a few reasons why:

1. If Kim were a man, we would be all over her a**. If any grown man made a comment like that about his friends daughter, regardless of her age, he would be considered a pervert. It also would probably not be laughed off and dismissed. The father of the daughter would probably be at the brink of whooping some a** as well.

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2. Kim may be a “business woman” now but we still remember her giving Ray J head on that tape. At least I know I do. We also recognize that she goes from one Black celebrity to another. Kim has talent. Her talent is sex. She knows that all she has to offer is sex, posing for the camera and her body so these are the things that she emphasizes and plays up. This is all she has to give people so I suppose we should not become upset. She is working with what she has like we all do.

3. Carmello and LaLa’s son is like 3 or 4. It is creepy and… To Read The Rest Go To YeahSheSaidIt

Take a look at the video:

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