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NFL Will Discipline Players Who Risk It All & Attend "High-Risk" Events

Source: CHRIS DELMAS / Getty

The NFL has let its players know in advance, engaging in what it deems to be “high risk” behavior will result in your being disciplined.


The NFL is very serious about protecting its players from COVID-19. The league is so serious, in fact, that if you engage in any “high-risk” behavior off the field could result in disciplinary action from the player’s respective team and could result in a forfeiture of pay. So if you happen to enjoy strip club cuisine, you might want to highly reconsider visiting their favorite booty-shaking clubs for some lemon pepper wings.

ESPN obtained a memo sent out by the NFLPA to agents over the weekend that highlighted the new pandemic-based rules that players should be well aware of. The “final language” has yet to be agreed upon, but the memo does represent “a summary of major aspects of the COVID amendments.”

According to the memo, contracting the coronavirus will be as a football injury contract-wise. BUT it also states that “Clubs/NFL can challenge designation as a football-related injury if it can prove that the player contracted COVID-19 through engaging in high-risk conduct.”

Here are examples of what the league designates as “high-risk”:

  • an indoor nightclub with more than 15 people
  • an indoor bar with more than 15 people, other than to pick up food
  • an indoor house party with more than 15 people
  • an indoor music concert/entertainment event with more than 15 people
  • a professional sporting event, other than applicable NFL games or events, with more than 15 people
  • an indoor religious service attended by more than 25% of a venue’s capacity

The NFL is currently committed to starting its season on time September 10 despite there being a tremendous amount of concern from players due to the league not really detailing how they can ensure player safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. This latest news looks like a significant step for the league as players are set to arrive at training camp in the coming days.

Photo: CHRIS DELMAS / Getty

NFL Players Put On Notice By League, Could Lose Pay If They Attend “High-Risk” Events  was originally published on cassiuslife.com