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Now that its over  and you had fun while it lasted, you think to yourself what’s next. A break up isn’t easy, especially if you felt that person was “Mr. Right.” However, there is a difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now. Here are 6 ways to get over a break up:

1. Memories will wander your mind but be optimistic, think of the good times rather than the bad. Free your heart, soul, and mind of the pain, so that you are able to begin your process of getting over the relationship.

2. Spoil yourself that is the key, try new clothes that would make you feel good and shop for those shoes that you always dream  about. When you look good you feel good!

3. Avoid sad songs and bring out the uplifting music, remind yourself of how beautiful you are, what he lost, and the opportunities ahead to be gained.

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4. Have a little fun with some friends or some “Me Time” with some lit candles and a bubble bath to relax your body. Always keep yourself occupied–from books, great movies, or even a long walk in the park to appreciate it’s beauty.

5. Don’t get sucked into the cliche of a tub of ice cream heals all pain. Hey! Even though you think it is helping you get over the situation, it isn’t. You wouldn’t want unwanted calories adding up or a bad break out on your face that will only create more stress. Try going to a restaurant and tasting something your never tasted before from a different culture. Let your taste buds wander instead of your mind.

6. Give yourself time to heal in this process, things don’t become better right away. Learn from your mistakes and try to capitalize on it next time. Be free to love and laugh again. Life is a journey, be prepared.

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