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Teen girl holding condom

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Now we all know that this coronavirus pandemic is not easy to handle. The world is affected and we are beginning to run short on a lot of every day products. It looks like condoms could be added to that list.


Woman with condom and hand of partner

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According to the DailyMail, Malaysia’s Karex Bhd makes one in every five condoms found across the world, but it has not produced a single condom in over ten days due to a lockdown put in place by the Malaysian government to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. So far, the company is behind on producing over 100 million condoms, which are normally marketed internationally by brands such as Durex.

Malaysia is southeast Asia’s worst affected country, with over 2,100 coronavirus infections and 26 deaths. The lockdown is scheduled to remain in place until April 14th, but could continue longer. Other major condom-producing countries include China (where the coronavirus caused widespread factory shutdowns), India, and Thailand (both countries are only seeing infections spiking now.)

Karex Chief Executive Goh Miah Kiat told Reuters, “We are going to see a global shortage of condoms everywhere, which is going to be scary.”

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GLOBAL CONDOM SHORTAGE IS LOOMING?  was originally published on mycolumbusmagic.com