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Thousands of families in Greater Cincinnati are getting their medical debt eliminated.

It’s all thanks to a local church and a nonprofit based in New York.

On Sunday morning, church officials announced they were able to pay off $46.5 million in medical bills for tens of thousands of families across the Tri-state — and beyond.

In Ohio, a church official said, they have abolished $42. 8 million in debts across 41,233 households in 103 zip codes.

But the church is going beyond state boundaries, abolishing $1.9 million in debt across 2,974 Kentucky households, $1.5 million across 503 Tennessee households, and $200,000 across 136 Indiana households.

Crossroads Church Pastor Brian Tome talked about getting involved with the community during Sunday’s sermon.

He mentioned a previous sermon where parishioners were asked to tithe. Tithing is a contribution a parishioner makes to the church. The money gathered is used to support the needs of the church.

Tome mentioned the amount of medical debt the church was able to pay off because of this, totaling $46.5 million.

Crossroads officials tell FOX19 NOW they worked with a medical debt relief nonprofit called RIP Medical Debt.

According to the nonprofit’s website, for every $100 donated, $10k in medical debt is wiped out.

The nonprofit says this is their most significant amount of medical debt that’s ever been retired.

Church officials explain those whose medical debt has been retired are currently being notified by mail, and the notices are enclosed in bright yellow envelopes.


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