President Donald Trump has been caught in several lies – again.

President Donald Trump made 31 false claims last week and 55 the week before, including 22 at a campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa, in late January and 13 in an official speech at a community college in Charlotte, North Carolina, in early February.

Trump spread the dishonesty around a variety of subjects. Over this period stretching from January 27 to February 9, he made 17 false claims about health care, 15 about the economy, 15 about Democrats, and five or more about each of six additional topics: trade, energy, impeachment, China, immigration, and the military.
We counted five blatant false claims in Trump’s State of the Union address. Other claims in that speech were misleading, lacking in crucial context, or questionable predictions. We don’t include such claims in this false-claims-only tally, but you can read fact checks on them here.
Trump is now averaging about 59 false claims per week for the 31 weeks we have checked at CNN since July 8, so both of these two weeks were better than his usual. They were still, of course, highly dishonest by any non-Trump standard.
Trump is now up to 1,816 false claims since July 8.
For further details on the false claims, click the source below.

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