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George Bredestege spent 28 years with the Cincinnati Police Department, and he has some stories to tell.

The one he says he’ll never forget? That would be the day he says he spent on Martin Luther King Jr.’s security detail.

Bredestege can’t remember the exact date King was in Cincinnati, though he says it was just shortly before King died.

That would line up with a visit King made to the city in September 1967, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer, to denounce the Vietnam War for diverting attention from the war on poverty.

FOX19 NOW sat down with Bredestege to talk about what he remembers of his experience with King.

“It was just really great,” he recalled. “I was only a young police officer at the time. I got that feeling that there is just something about that guy that is better than anybody else.”

Ahead of King arriving in town, Bredestege says, police had to find an officer willing to work the detail, which entailed being with King “all the time.”

When asked what he thought when the detail was first offered to him, Bredestege replied, “I don’t know if I want to do this, because of the situation at the time.”

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