Like a weekend worrier who shows up at the emergency room, President Donald Trump went to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center unannounced for what the White House says were supposedly routine tests. “He’s in good health, and it was a routine checkup as part of his annual physical,” insisted White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham.

Another administration might get the benefit of the doubt in such a case, but after thousands of lies and deceptions, this one deserves nothing of the sort.

The suddenness and the timing of the hospital visit, which lasted for hours, suggest a different explanation.

Probably not since Richard Nixon prowled the White House, whiskey in hand, talking to his predecessors’ portraits, has a chief executive been under more personal stress than Trump faces in this autumn of his discontent. True to past form, Trump had built a creative response to get himself out of trouble. But instead of helping him, the plot has become a trap that only adds to his woes.

Any human being would suffer severely under such stress and become subject to the kinds of symptoms — panic attacks, stomach woes, headaches, anxiety — that calls for medical intervention. Again, Grisham denied the President had any such health issues.

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