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Residents of Fowlerville, a village in Livingston County in Michigan, are livid and calling an extreme Halloween display of President Donald Trump holding the head of Barack Obama, downright racist.

The shocking display which featured Obama’s head tied to a rope sits outside of Quality Coatings, an automotive shop. The graphic effigy caused community members to erupt in anger, and condemn the racist creation on social media.

“It was a Halloween decoration that I guess went too far,” the shop’s owner Dave Huff told the Detroit Free Press on Sunday.

Ya think!

Huff said he’s not a racist.

The bottom of the display depicts the scarecrow-Trump’s foot on Hillary Clinton’s head. The scarecrow was erected three weeks ago, but since the backlash, Huff has removed the rope that many perceived to be a noose. He also reportedly took the Obama mask down and added yellow tape that says, “PC-POLICE” apparently indicating that he was forced to be “politically correct.”

What a tool.

Kathy DeTroyer was one outraged resident who sounded off on social media Thursday.

“I am disgusted this is in my hometown. Way to display your ignorance. Democrat or Republican this is just wrong,” she said in a Facebook post.

“This is disgusting. Certainly not representative of the majority of people in Fowlerville. My family has done lots of business here in the past. Those days are done!” said one commenter Mary Vielbig.

Community members left a barrage of negative reviews on the Huff’s business Facebook page.

“I’d rather spend my money with businesses that spread tolerance and respect, even towards those who you don’t align with,” Facebook user Kelly Kathleen said.

Another resident, Robert Feeney, who residents across from the business, said the display was “pushing the boundaries.”

“He’s getting a little carried away with it, especially when he had Obama’s head hanging on a noose,” Feeney said.

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