A daycare worker in Fort Wright was charged with assault after she allegedly hit a 2-year-old.

A Covington mother got the call no parent wants to hear — her 2-year-old was involved in an incident at her daycare that led to a visit from the police.

“My child has been there since she was 3 months old,” Erin Sholler said.

Sholler is re-thinking daycare after her daughter, 2-year-old Sophia, was allegedly hit on the hands by one of her teachers at Rainbow Child Care Center of Fort Wright run by KinderCare.

“She’s 16 months. She doesn’t know anything else. She can’t talk and tell me these things are going on,” Sholler said.

According to the citation, Kaitlyn Cross allegedly disciplined Sophia moments later saying, “she hit her too hard.”

“One of the incidents was my child wouldn’t keep her shoes on, so the teacher took my child’s shoe and hit her with it,” Sholler said.

Cross was charged with 4th-degree assault after two teachers witnessed each incident and came forward.

“She can’t do this to others. She can’t do this to children, and I want the other parents to know that are at that daycare that this happened,” Sholler said.

Sholler now wonders what else could have happened in the year her daughter was in the trusted care of others.

“I was always the one defending daycare when parents are totally against it, but now I’m second-guessing that,” Sholler said.

Sophia is doing well and was checked out by a doctor. KinderCare said it fired Cross four days after the incident was reported and that all teachers at the facility were retrained on a variety of topics.

Cross is due in court next Wednesday.


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