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Many people imagine themselves on the last day at a job telling the boss off, maybe the customers too.  Some people want to go out in a blaze of glory. That feeling you have when you have put in your 2 weeks notice, worked the entire two weeks and it is your last day.  Some feel like they don’t have to do a good job because “what can they do to you?”.  Some jobs it shouldn’t matter if it is your first day on the job or your last day on the job, you have to be professional.  911 dispatcher is definitely one of those jobs but it wasn’t for Donna Reneau.

Donna Reneau had put in her two weeks notice and on the her last shift she received a call from Debbie Stevens.  Debbie Stevens was in her car when it was swept up in a flash flood.  As many people would do, Stevens called 911 for help.  Unfortunately she got Donna on the line.

As Debbie Stevens pleaded for help, Donna Reneau chastised the caller questioning how she didn’t see the water before getting caught in the flash flood.  Debbie Stevens let the dispatcher know that she couldn’t swim and didn’t want to die but Donna Reneau didn’t seem moved by her pleas.

Help arrived but couldn’t reach Debbie Stevens until it was too late.  Stevens drowned.

The Interim Police Chief was not at all pleased with Reneau’s behavior or demeanor but says that her attitude didn’t constitute a crime and that it didn’t violate a policy.

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