Mother pushing child on swingset

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A North Carolina woman received a text from her ll year old son.  He was on the school bus on his way home but he was being bullied on the school bus.  This made the mother want to walk to the bus stop to pick up her son and, maybe (definitely) question the bus drive about what was going on.

A funny thing happened on the way to the bus stop.  The mother says she saw some wild animals coming out of the woods.  Fearing the wild animals she decided to go back to the house and get some protection in the form of an assault rifle.  Just as she retrieved the weapon, the bus showed up.

She walked to the bus and began to talk to the bus driver (certainly not even considering that she was holding an assault weapon) about the incident that prompted the text from her 11 year old son.  As she talked to the bus driver a student took a picture of her with the gun and posted it on social media.

While many would think this was illegal. . . it isn’t.  Surprisingly the Sheriff’s office says the mom didn’t break any laws.  They say that they don’t suggest people take guns to bus stops but that it isn’t a crime.

It is reported that the school says they took action against the school bus bully.  I don’t think they felt like this was an incident that they could just let go because this mother just might feel the need to protect her son.

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