Cleveland white woman calls cops on Black kids for mowing lawn

Source: Facebook screenshot / Facebook screenshot

This is disgusting and disturbing, a Cleveland police officer by the name of Solomon Nhiwatiwa, who is 34c yrs old is facing several charges according to reports. He is accused of trying to kidnap a 12 yr old, and also urinated on her after she declined his offer for a ride home.

  • 1 count of Attempted Kidnapping (with Sexual Motivation Specification)
  • 1 count of Pandering Obscenity Involving A Minor
  • 1 count of Disseminating Matter Harmful To Juveniles
  • 1 count of Endangering Children
  • 1 count of Criminal Child Enticement
  • 1 count of Public Indecency
  • 1 count of Assault
  • 1 count of Attempted Interference With Custody

Whatever comes his way he deserves every ounce that he gets. This is horrible disgusting and one can only imagine how that child feels.

Courtesy fo 10tv


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