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Conor McGregor Caught On Video Punching Elderly Man In The Head

Source: Niall Carson – PA Images / Getty

The notorious one, Conor McGregor, was caught on camera wilding out again. TMZ obtained video footage of the MMA fighter punching an elderly man in the head who refused a shot of his whiskey. The incident in question took place on April 6 at The Marble Arch Pub in Dublin.

In the video, McGregor walks in the pub and lines up cups before offering servings of his whiskey, Proper Twelve, to everyone in the bar. The trouble begins when Conor offers one guy a shot, but he refuses. McGregor places the drink in front of the man not once, but twice but the elderly man refuses.

McGregor downs his drink then immediately after, gives the man a shot, but in the form of a punch to the head. Two people quickly grab McGregor and pull him out of the bar. The incident was reported to authorities, and they announced back in April they did open an investigation. According to the celebrity gossip site, there are no reports of Conor being charged or even if the case is still open at this point.

As for the elderly man, he wasn’t visibly affected by McGregor’s punch to his head at all, he didn’t even fall out of his seat.  Either Conor is clearly rusty, and his punching power isn’t what it used to be, or the folks in Ireland are a tough bunch of people. TMZ reached out to both McGregor and The Marble Arch Pub but didn’t get any information from either party.

You can add this latest incident to the growing list of times Conor lost his cool and raged out. Last year, McGregor dodged a bullet when he was hit with felony charges after smashing a bus window with a dolly injuring several UFC fighters in the process.

Before the April incident in the pub, McGregor lost his cool and snatched a fan’s phone in Miami. He was arrested for robbery and criminal mischief, the charges were subsequently dropped. He wound up, settling the civil suit with the victim. Conor clearly needs to get back into a UFC ring to let his frustration as soon as possible.

Photo: Niall Carson – PA Images / Getty

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