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Zendaya, Basketball Wives, Shaunie O'Neal And Jackie Christie Visit Hollywood Today Live

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Tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives starts with Tami and her business partner, and shoe designer, Jessica Rich going over prototypes for Tami’s shoe line. And then OG walks in. Tami invited her because she wants to make sure she’s okay after that brunch. That’s the real reason they’re there. Tami said she’s disappointed in how the brunch went. Obviously, OG is happy to have at least one person in her corner.

I other news, Jennifer meets up with Kristen to deliver a letter for her to give to Shaunie. We don’t know what’s in the letter, but basically, Jenn says she’s ready to take some accountability for her messed up actions.

Now we’re at Byron and CeCe’s engagement party. Everything looks nice. Malaysia and Jackie come through, and CeCe is happy to see them. However, Malaysia is bummed that Kristen and her husband aren’t there because she feels like their feud with CeCe is killing her family. And guess what, OG ends up showing up later. Malaysia decides to take this time, because it’s the most appropriate moment, to confront OG. Basically, Malaysia tells her that Byron said he never told her to tell that secret. In Malaysia’s mind, OG said that Byron told her to tell everyone. In reality, Byron told OG that it’s okay to talk about it because people already know. There is a difference. Malaysia says it’s the same thing. OG says it’s not.

They go in circles for a second, but Malaysia surprisingly decides to shut this conversation down so they can talk another time.

Now we’re at Shaunie’s house for her son’s 16th birthday party. The house looks kind of like the house from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, so that’s the party theme. But the meat of this moment is that Kristen pulls Shaunie aside to give her Jenn’s letter. Shaunie decides to read it in front of Evelyn and Jackie. Basically, Jenn wrote some fluff about how it was nice to see her at her other son’s party, but it’s still a non-apology. Despite that, it’s enough for Shaunie to consider inviting Jenn on their upcoming girls trip to San Diego. Evelyn is definitely not feeling that, but we all know Shaunie is going to invite Jenn.

Tami finally reveals that she and Reggie are married. She had a cute little party at her house to make the announcement. Everyone seemed happy for her, even Jackie, who was mad at her but also happy at the same time. You know how Jackie does.

Let’s fast forward to San Diego. We find the group headed there in two separate cars. Jenn is present with her friend, Dominique, because she needs at least one person on her side. Feby, Shaunie, and Evelyn ride in one car and the rest, minus Tami, are in the other car. When it comes up that Jenn brought Dominique, it turns out that Evelyn and Dominique don’t like each other either (so, Jenn knew what she was doing). Ev’s group arrives first. The second group of women arrives shortly after and Evelyn gets annoyed at the sight of Jenn from jump. They manage to pick rooms without a hitch and tonight’s episode ends on a low-key note, but next week, the turnup cometh. Evelyn and Jenn are going to get into it for the 1,422,343,415,251 time.


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