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The Big 3 league makes a huge shift removing several big stars from the team one those big stars is Lamar Odom!!

The Big 3 league is a superstar 3 on 3 summer basketball league.  Lamar Odom’s team called the “Enemies” was comprised of Odom,  Gilbert Arenas and Royce White.

But according to The Big 3 founder the multifaceted entertainment moral/rapper Ice Cube, Lamar Odom wasn’t playing like a superstar so he had to roll.

“You know, as a league we want players that are actually playing.” –Ice Cube

Ice Cube had said a year before [see video below] that he would love to see Lamar Odom play but there is just one catch…he had to be in shape, he had to bring it for real.  So staying true to the catch Odom wasn’t ready to play so he has got to take his ball and go home.

Take a look at the video below

Ice Cube had said a year before that he would love to see Lamar Odom play but…see video below


Lamar Odom KICKED OUT Of Big 3 League!? Here’s Why  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com