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Loni Love

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You don’t have to settle for “struggle” love, says Loni Love. The Real host is gearing up to host at the 2019 Essence Festival while balancing a healthy relationship while giving advice to women out there who might be suffering in a toxic relationship.

Loni is the first woman ever, in 25 years to host the main stage, following in the footsteps of fellow comedians Steve Harvey, Nephew Tommy and Roy Woods Jr. to name a few.

“They all reached out to me and said congratulations. They know I’m going to kill it,” she said. If you’ve never been to Essence Festival, you might be asking yourself what does a host do? “The host is very important because we thank all the sponsors. We make sure that the show moves along. If there are dead spots, we tell jokes,” she explained.

Loni’s life is a balancing act. The Emmy award-winning comedienne found interracial love with new beau James Welsh, who she said won her over with his “good morning” texts.

“He’s just a nice guy and you know what, I get up at 4 o’ clock in the morning and I guess he would set his alarm to so he could always text me ‘Good morning.’ The other guy I was dating, he wouldn’t text me till like eight o’clock.”

When commenting on what prompted her to look outside her race, Loni revealed, “I don’t Think that anybody should intentionally go outside of their race. It just happened for me.”

She added, “I’m older and I’ve been dating a long time. I’ve been dating black men for 47 years, so nothing’s wrong with that. But this just happened. I’ve never looked at his color. I looked at the point of his compatibility with me and you know, he likes me, I like him, we commute, boom.”

“It really wasn’t about the color. I was just looking for a partner is somebody that I could work with and he just turns out to be white.”

Loni called the actor an “ally” to the cause. “James talks a lot about what’s happening politically, socially. He brings a lot of things to me and it’s also nice to hear a different point of view. I would never date somebody that I couldn’t relate to. He has empathy for me and, and the things that I go through.”

Touching on White privilege, she mentioned, “I also have learned a lot about him. I think a lot of people, when they look at White, they think, ‘They have privilege.’ But he struggled coming up just like I did. He didn’t have a lot of money and he had family issues and things like that. So we kind of relate to that as well.”

Loni’s decision to widen the dating pool ties back to the notion that Black women don’t have to accept toxicity.

“I’m telling sisters, you don’t have to struggle if it’s hard. Sometimes you just need to get out of it. Especially when you’re working, you’re busy raising kids, you’re working. You want to be able to just pick up the phone, call your partner. I’d pick up the phone. Call James Right now. He’d pick up.”

Catch Loni at Essence Festival 2019 when it hits the convention center in New Orleans in July.


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