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Brother Deric Muhammad

Source: Leon Prevost / Radio One Houston

Brother Deric Muhammad has emerged as a staple in Houston mainly due to his community efforts and outreach. As a member of the Nation of Islam, he found pillars in teachers scubas The Hon. Elijah Muhammad and Dr. Louis Farakkhan. But also men like Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and Muhammad Ali. It’s why for his efforts in the community and more, he’s Black History Re:Defined.

“Growing up, I never heard the term “activist,” Muhammad says. “We never had friends or family members who said that they wanted to “activists.” Now when I think of the term, I think of someone who is willing to sacrifice which that is sacred to them to the benefit of the whole of the masses of the people. Once you make a lifestyle of doing that, you become an activist. They say activism is the rent that you pay for occupying your space on the Earth. I believe that everyone is in some form or fashion, an activist. The problem is, a lot of us are not actually active. I think it’s a role that everyone should play.”

Watch Brother Deric explain his history growing up in Houston, what led him to the cause and more in our Black History Re:Defined segment, sponsored by Colbert/Ball Tax, Randal Reed’s Planet Lincoln and BPCCA.

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