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Source: James C Hooper / Getty

One woman took a page out of Laranna Bobbit’s book and chopped off her husband’s penis after finding out he was having an affair. According to BET, Udeme Otike-Odibi was arrested and charged with murder as well as mutilation.

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Reports state that in addition to cutting off his penis she beat him with a frying pan and stabbed him in the stomach. Police chief, Olusegun Bamidele mentioned that when the wife asked her husband about the affairs his response wasn’t good enough.

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Bamidele told the court, “She said that on May 2, 2018, she was preparing to travel to the United Kingdom when she checked the bedside locker for her marriage certificate. When she could not find it, she went to the deceased where he lay on the bed and asked him about it. But the response given was not okay.”

Before hurting him she allegedly made her husband call his mother and confess to what he did. After that she hit him in the head with the frying pan then stabbed him until his intestines fell out.

She allegedly then said, “If your penis is the one that is giving you license to have the feeling of another person, it’s better we cut it off.”

It was then she cut his penis off.

Otike-Odibi sent a message to a friend saying, “I have done something terrible.” She will face a court trial this month.

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