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Despite the fact that Jussie Smollett squashed the rumors that he made up his attack, folks like Joe Budden seem to remain skeptical.

The rapper and reality star shared his thoughts about the “Empire” actors alleged hate crime on a recent episode of his podcast “State Of The Culture.” 

He opened with going over the news about his attack.

“[He] was allegedly brutally attacked recently in Chicago by ‘MAGA terrorists.’ They broke his ribs, they put a noose about his neck, they poured bleach on him and called him derogatory names. The FBI is on the case now but it has confirmed that a letter was previously sent to a FOX studio that contained threatening language and a powdery substance said to be Tylenol.”

According to Hip New Hop News, while his co-hosts attempted to make the point that since President Trump has been elected that has been an uptick in hate and bias crimes committed over the years.

Yet, Budden, who has been accused of domestic violence himself, refuses to believe Jussie’s version because he cannot fathom the idea that any Black man could wear a noose on his neck for 45 minutes after being attacked. The 38-year-old also made fun of the threatening letter allegedly sent to FOX saying it looked “like some bulls**t I saw in Austin Powers.”

While Budden says that he believes that Jussie was attacked, he isn’t sold on the idea that it was a hate crime.

“Famous rich people, when bad things happen and they want to cover the story because famous people to fuck shit sometimes like humans,” Joe stressed.

“You cover the story to protect your image, your likeness and your career.”

He concluded that Jussie may be preying on the emotions of the community to garner support and sympathy.

“I’m waiting for footage. Just show me footage and I’ll shut the fuck up,” he said.

Not surprisingly, some of Budden’s fans agreed with him, believing that Jussie’s story isn’t adding up:

However, there were also people who disagreed with Budden, asking their own questions about why folks are so quick to invalidate the pain Black LGBTQ folks face:

Budden isn’t the only Black celeb to publicly question the validity of Jussie’s attack.

Recently, Azealia Banks posted on social media that this is nothing but “propaganda.”

“Sorry…this is all promotion for the next season of empire/propaganda to make sure black for the DNC next go round,” she wrote in her IG Stories.

“Loads of black people didn’t vote at all in the 2016 election which worked in Trump’s favor.”

Girl, huh.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Police Department are still looking for the two men involved in the attack.


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