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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York is a boring hodgepodge of issues. Yandy has been harboring a teenage girl that she mentors, named Infinity. Basically, Infinity is a foster child who hates the care she’s in and often runs away so Yandy decides to take her in. However, Jonathan makes the great point that if Yandy is fostering a minor without permission then she’s breaking the law. Hold that thought.

Meanwhile, Safaree reveals that he signed a 7-figure deal with a sex toy company. They want to make a mold of his infamous anaconda. We’ve all seen it. Don’t act like you didn’t. Anyway, now people will get to experience it for themselves for about $100. Safaree’s issue is that people—aka Rich Dollaz and Papoose are telling him not to do it because people won’t take him seriously as an artist. Safari already signed the contract though. Too late.

Remy Ma obliges Joe Budden’s request to chat with Cyn. Joe wants Remy to encourage Cyn to get help with her Postpartum depression because Remy dealt with it too, with her first son. They actually end up talking about how Cyn can create a schedule with Joe Budden so that they can spend more time together.

Cyn meets with Joe later on and says Remy gave her new perspective. She shares her proposal for them to spend a Sunday every two weeks together and Joe gets even more frustrated because he wanted her to come up with a game plan for her postpartum depression situation. Cyn says she has been helping herself and doesn’t need to meet with doctors to get pills.


Nya Lee meets up with Sidney Starr to give her a makeover. You remember this is part of the whole artist development schtick. Sidney doesn’t take too kindly to her wardrobe being criticized because she says this is a sensitive topic for a transgender woman. Then Jacque comes through for more development and asks Sidney to kick some bars since Nya gave her some pointers. Sidney raps and bombs, but in her defense, she’s already upset by Nya’s makeover. IN the end, Nya tells Sidney she better get thicker skin and stop being ungrateful. Sidney sucks it up and actually tries on a dress Nya wanted her to try and she looks good.

Finally, the episode concludes with Yandy’s foster runaway situation. Yandy found out from Infinity’s caseworker that she could get her own children taken away because what she’s doing is breaking the law. You have to go through a bureaucratic approval process for a child like Infinity to stay with you and Yandy didn’t do that. Now she has to tell Infinity that she has to leave for now, which is hard. Infinity obviously doesn’t take her well and breaks down in tears. But Yandy assures her that she’s not abandoning her and wants to figure things out. We know by now (thanks to #TheBlogs) that Yandy has adopted her. We’ll probably see that play out as the episodes progress.

Let’s get back at it next.


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