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It’s still girls trip time on tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. We pick p with Marlo trying to impose her “stylist” skills on Shamari, claiming she needs a fashion update and an upgrade. Shamarai doesn’t take too kindly at first because it does seem like Marlo is being shady and not really trying to help, but eventually, she just goes along with it. The outfit ends up being some jeans, a giant scarf looking thing draped over Shamari as a shirt and a gigantic beach hat. Nene accurately calls the obvious thing out—it really just looks like an outfit Marlo would wear, some stylist she is.

It’s raining out so Nene figures out how to turn all that pinned up shade into something a little more productive—a game called “B—h Stole My Talent.” It’s basically a battle of the talents competition series where the group will judge who wins.  Marlo and Tanya compete as the fashion queens. They model outfits and the group chooses Tanya as the winner. Then it’s Cynthia and Eva in a walk-off since they’re the models. Cynthia wins and it’s a unanimous decision, which says a lot because you know how Eva is always trying to come for Cynthia’s so-called dated modeling skills. Shamari and Kandi have a sing-off and while both women can sing,  Shamari brings it by singing “His Eye is on the Sparrow,” while Kandi falls flat—pun intended—with an original piece that had all of us scratching our heads. Anyway, Shamari wins. Finally, Porsha and Nene will be judged by who hosted the best and Nene takes the gold.

It’s all love though, for now.

The next day they split up for various activities. Kandi, Eva, and Sharmari end up doing aerial pilates while Cynthia, NeNe, Tanya, and Marlo get a massage. Porsha misses all the fun because she’s not feeling well and the latter group of women figured out that she’s probably pregnant because her behavior has made it obvious and they noticed weight gain in her belly. Cynthia even brings up making her take a pregnancy test and we hope not because, mind your business.

NeNe visits Porsha back at the house and cuts to the chase. Porsha lies and says, “She hasn’t checked yet” (she took a home pregnancy test but is still awaiting her first official doctor appointment) but NeNe knows what’s up. She says she’s not going to say anything, but she’s super excited and tells Porsha that the other women are on to her. That’s when Porsha shows NeNe a Coca-Cola and apple juice concoction that she put in a Hennessey bottle that she plans to drink to throw the group off because she realizes that she has been looking suspect.

Fast forward to dinner.  Porsha pulls out the Hennessey and leads a toast as everyone else drinks champagne. It’s odd that she would go from an “alcohol fast” to pulling liquor out of her purse for a toast, but it seems to work. It all goes downhill shortly after that when Marlo and Shamari go at it. Basically, Shamari says she didn’t appreciate Marlo’s aggressiveness about switching p her wardrobe. Marlo thinks she’s Shamari’s style savior and that Shamari should be grateful. It gets so intense that Shamari calls Marlo a “b—h” because she had time. Then Marlo fires back with, “Yo’ mama” (loosely translated) and that’s when the other women in the group jump in and try to calm things down.

Finally, they make it through the dinner with wigs and fragile egos kinda sorta intact.


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