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Love and Hip-Hop New York picks up at Maino’s house. Issa cookout! This scene just gets us more familiar with his living situation. He and his girl Maggie have been together for two years. They live together and there’s a lot going on. Maggie has PTSD from the Irving Plaza shooting, where she almost died, and they take care of Maggie’s big brother, who also lives with them. Big bro is a diabetic, in a wheelchair and he’s kinda sorta blind. Again, there’s a lot going on.

Meanwhile, Safaree is having a BBQ at the park elsewhere and this sets the stage for Jaquae to admit that he wants Kiyanne back. Kiyanne comes through, of course, and she wants no parts of his attempts to be charming. In fact, she calls him a clout chaser, a cheater (he allegedly cheated on her on her birthday) and they basically end up arguing back and forth. Then Kiyanne says she just wants Safaree to see who Jaquae for who he really is. In other words, he’s two-faced. Kiyanne claims he has been talking smack behind Safaree’s back and that he took credit for that hurricane relief song they did last season. Safaree wants no parts of the drama so Kiyanne gets escorted out, but you already know that Safaree will be dragged into this eventually. Later on, Kiyanne tells Safaree that Jaquae told her that he thinks Safaree faked being robbed for insurance money. The problem with that is, people are actually in jail for that. This is all it takes for Safaree to feel some type of way about Jaquae so that confrontation is coming.

Let’s fast forward to that moment. The scene an event that Jacque is having. In other words, another inappropriate place. Anyway, Safaree asks him about his alleged robbery insurance scam comments in front of Kiyanne and Nya Lee. Jaquae claims that he’s so irritated by this type of negativity is brought to his event that he’s not even going to entertain it with a response. Welp, there’s that.

But this isn’t over. We know this because now Safaree feels some type of way and says he can’t really get past it.

In other news, Yandy has a girls beach day with Maggie, Anais and Juju. The latter two squash their issues, but not before Anais tells Juju that Jonathan has been talking more smack about her than she thought. This doesn’t sit well Juju and now she wants to discuss this with Jonathan.

Juju finally gets her chance to have a sit down with Jonathan to settle their score. They try to get past their drama, but they don’t. Jonathan just feels dismissed by Juju when he brings up the podcast betrayal again and Juju doesn’t feel like it was that serious and they just can’t get right. This discussion ends with Juju storming out on him.

Finally, the dry episode wraps with Maino trying to get Maggie to overcome her PTSD…without a therapist. Basically, he lied to her and told her he wanted her to go with him to a boxing match at the Barclay’s Center, but he actually takes her back to Irving Plaza, where she was shot. Maino is sweet with her and seems patient, but this isn’t how you get someone over trauma. To Maggie’s credit, she was a trooper. Hopefully, we’ll get to see her talk to a licensed therapist.

We’ll do this again next week, hopefully with a more exciting episode.


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