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sam sylk

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What would you do if your mom was Made before she got saved and you were dating someone of the opposite race?

Thats exactly what this young lady wanted to know.  She is trying to save the drama for somebody else’s momma.

Dear Sam

I have been dating an awesome guy for about almost a year now. I’m black and he is white. This will be the first holiday I will be hosting at my house since we have been together and the first big holiday we will be spending together. In my head I want to invite his family over to celebrate too but I’m scared to death because my mother is much like Madea and doesn’t hold her tongue. She has no qualms about saying uncolorful things about white people, me and my guys relationship and drops the “N” in almost every sentence she uses. I have talked to her about this before when we have visited her home and she told me she wasn’t lettin no white boy change her, I’m dating him not her. He just laughs it off but I can tell he gets a little offended. Plus I don’t want her to make his family uncomfortable. She would never forgive me if I didn’t invite her. He could possibly be “the one” and sooner or later I have to figure out a way to make this work? What should I do?

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