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A word on shoes.

Shoes are important. If you spend money on nothing else, spend it on shoes. You can’t have your feet hurting. I don’t care if you have three basic pairs you rotate if they are good quality, they are better than 20 cheap pairs. Add rubber soles to shoes that don’t have them and they will last longer.

Quality brands like Cole Haan, Coach and if you can afford it Stuart Weitzman (and they have sales each quarter, you can also find sweet deals on Poshmark and Amazon) along with popular department store brands like Sam Edelman, Via Spiga and Vince Camuto are what you should focus on. Older feet cannot hurt.



Also if bunions or other foot issues are plaguing you, don’t wait until the they get so bad you can’t fix them. Go to a foot doctor. If you spend all day on your feet, make sure you wear comfortable shoes both at work and at leisure. But they don’t have to be ugly. Make sure you wear the right size, whatever it is, and that shoes are comfortable in the store. They will give some but not a whole size.

Also ladies, you can wear heels. They just might need to be shorter, thicker and definitely a quality brand as you age. Unless you have significant foot issues, there is a heel you can wear. If you do have a foot issue, then make cute sneakers or colorful/pretty flats your trademark.

Be as healthy as possible.

Once you get to a certain age, you just can’t play games with your health. Brazile’s glow-up included weight loss. Look at Mo’Nique, who lost over 100 pounds. Obesity is rampant among Black women and despite curvy acceptance, it really needs to be eradicated as it takes a toll on our health.



If you want to live not just longer, but a happier and more vibrant life, find an exercise you like and eat as best you can. If you still smoke and eat fast food, your looks and your health outcomes will show it.

Love yourself wherever you are.

Don’t let anyone knock you off your square as the saying goes. If you had a bad breakup, never took time for yourself, didn’t take care of yourself or never thought you were pretty when you were younger, you’re grown now and can decide for yourself.



Self-love and self-care are the best accessories you will ever have and they are generated from within. No matter your income or life circumstances you can always glow-up from within with positive thinking, affirmations and meditation. From there, you can find your way to a better life and look.

PHOTO: Donna Brazile Twitter Screenshot, The View screenshot

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