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A week after Love & Hip Hop:Atlanta star Grace “Spice” Hamilton came under fire for leading fans into believing she bleached her skin, the reality star is explaining what sparked her publicity stunt.

On Instagram the dancehall musician stressed that she altered her appearance to make a powerful statement about a “taboo” topic: Colorism in the Black community.

“I chose to do this in the manner I did because I believe Colorism is plagiarizing our black community,” she wrote.

“While it appeared as if I had ‘bleached’ my skin, causing a world wide debate, and even though the picture was obviously birthed around my single titled ‘Black hypocrisy’ and my mixtape Captured.”

She added, “There are dark skin women across the world complaining every day that they are being downplayed and degraded, but the raw truth is it is us ‘Black women’ and ‘Black men’ that are fighting against each other and tearing down our own race.”

“It’s evident in the social media comments every day, I myself have lived through it all being downgraded by my dark complexion.”

Spice also made sure she let everyone know that she did not bleach her skin and that she didn’t release that picture of herself clearly lighter skinned to merely sell records.

“I want to openly say it was not a ‘publicity stunt.’ I wanted to create awareness to “Colorism” and it was more so done intentionally to create shock value so that I could have the worlds undivided attention to deliver the message in my music.”

As we previously reported, Spice shocked her fans when she released the following picture:

Spice’s controversial promotion raised eyebrows, but for good reason. Her first single is about the affects of colorism and how it could push someone to bleach their skin.

“I get hate from my own race yes that’s a fact,” she raps. “Cause the same black people dem say I’m too black and if you bleach out you skin dem same one come a chat.”

She has a point, just think of Michael Jackson, Vybez Kartel and Sammy Sosa.

BEAUTIES: What do you think about Spice’s reasoning behind her controversial Instagram pic?


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