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It saddens me to report this to you but it has come to my attention that there are many women who are under a man induced daze. Therefore I have determined that there needs to be an announcement.  Let me explain, there are women, some who are in my company, some even in my family, that are in situations where they are unable to pay their bills, pay their rent, their refrigerators are empty and their kids are hungry.

It is approaching November and their children do not even have a winter coat; yet  none of these situations are a priority to them.  You would think that they would be on their hustle trying to find a job, or handle their business so that their children can eat. Instead their priority is concerning themselves with either finding a man, keeping a man, or worrying about a man.

Unfortunately, in many situations said man is unable to even assist them in any way to provide them or their children with any of those much needed basic commodities.  But it does not matter to some of these women. You see, they are just happy to simply have a man in their presence. “Well at least he is around” is their motto. You know who you are ladies… Tisk-Tisk. Ladies, I’m sure you have met at least one woman like this.

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Let me be clear, I am not talking about women who are married or in successful relationships. I expect these women to take care of their home, especially if the men they are with are on their A-game. The women I am speaking to are the ones whose own life is in a turmoil yet this is not a priority to them. Instead, the priority falls in them finding a man or chasing after a man.  With everything in life, there should be a healthy balance. Even in love.

Newsflash: Having A man is not the solution to all of the problems of your life. Nor should it ever be.

It brings me to a boiling point when I see women allowing their lives to crumble around them and these situations that impact their life the most are the least of their worries. Instead, chasing after a man that has… To Read The Rest Go To YeahSheSaidIt

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