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Ladies, when you begin dating a man and are considering taking things to the next level, there are a few things that the smarter woman should consider before she proceeds. Please feel free to add on more advice and spread the love in the comments.

How he treats his mom, sisters and other women in his life

It is important to watch how the man you are dating interacts with other women in his life like his mother, sisters, etc.. These are the women who have been in his life for years and should be the most important women to him. So if he mistreats them consistently then chances are that he will not treat the woman he is dating much better.

Does he listen?

Whether or not the man we are dating listens when we speak is important to women. Women want to feel an emotional connection to the men we are dating. The lack of one can deplete our interest in him. This emotional connection stems from how he interacts with us during conversations. If a man does not listen when we speak then a woman assumes that he does not care about how we feel, our emotions or even us personally. This may not be his intentions when he does not listen but this is how his inattentiveness can make a woman react and feel.

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How he handles his own business, paying bills

A smart woman should pay attention to how a man handles his business, such as his bills, jobs etc.. Especially if she has any intentions on building a future and having a family with him. How he handles his own business could lend itself to the manner in which he will handle important family matters that will affect him and you in the future.

His interaction with kids

If the man you are dating already has children by another woman, please pay attention to how he treats them, and interacts with them. This is especially important if you ever want to have children with your partner. Do not fall for the misconception that if you have kids with him he will treat them differently. Don’t assume that your kids will be somehow be more special to him and suddenly his “daddy button” will flip on.

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