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'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Viewing Party

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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta picks up during the aftermath of Jasmine’s ambush chat with Rasheeda. Now that that’s done, it’s time for the rest of the crew to kick it at a dude ranch in Houston. Rasheeda wanted to do this as a way to bring everyone together, but you already know this is code for, there will be drama. The activities commence once everyone settles in, and they get over how, uh, dusty rustic their ranch situation is, but we all know this isn’t about the activities. It’s about people who are like oil and water—Sean Garrett and Karlie Redd, and Tokyo Vanity and Spice for examples—being in the same close quarters.

The entire group gets together for lunch and it all goes left when Tokyo Vanity apologizes to Rasheeda for not showing up to the grand opening. She says she didn’t show due to a “mishap.” Spice questions what this mishap was, once again poking the bear, and they get into it about who disrespected who and who has a problem with who and then we find out that Spice also feels some type of way because Karlie Redd told her that Tokyo Vanity was talking smack about her. Then Sierra and Estelita’s names get dragged into this at some point and it becomes a long game of telephone until finally, Spice and Tokyo Vanity end up trying to fight again. They get broken up (shout out to Love and Hip-Hop security, once again), but then this leads to Estelita calling Sierra out for “always being in the middle” (the insinuation is that she’s playing both sides). Security gets Estelita out of there before anything escalates, but Sierra points out that Estelita probably just has hard feelings from some situation they had last year. It’s madness, as you’d expect, especially when Spice manages to get out of the car that was hauling she and Estelita away and charge toward Tokyo Vanity for round 50. Meanwhile, the ranch hands are just looking like…


As they should.

Finally, the brawling broads get taken away for real, for real and then it comes back to Karlie Redd gossiping and how Spice poked Tokyo by calling her fat (which is true). Hot mess. Rasheeda feels some type of way about all of this since she got everyone together with the goal of unity, so she wants to try to get everyone to talk it out once again.


Finally, Spice and Tokyo sit down for their peace talk, just the two of them, and they finally put the drama past them. The group gets back together, and Rasheeda tries to get Estelita and Sierra on the same page next. Their convo starts off okay, but we get left hanging because the episode ends on that note. We’ll pick this back up next week. From the looks of the preview, it doesn’t seem like there will be another brawl, but that’s not a far-fetched thing to happen given this group.


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