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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta delivers what we came for, drama! First up. Scrappy is back in town and meets up with Momma Dee first. They kiki about life, and then Scrappy delivers he and Bambi’s baby news. Yup, they’re expecting, but Scrappy tells Momma Dee not to say anything as per Bambi’s request. Bambi had a miscarriage (which played out on a previous season) so she’s nervous about revealing the news too soon. Momma Dee claims she’s going to keep her lips sealed, but you know in this universe, “Don’t tell anyone” translates to, “Tell everyone you see as soon as possible.”

As a matter of fact, Scrappy violates his own rule first by telling Yung Joc and Stevie J later on. He claims that they can keep secrets so it’s cool.


Next up, there’s tension between Keely and her boyfriend, Botchey. Botchey just found out that Keely’s son’s father is Bleu DaVinci, who is a comrade of his. Botchey feels some type of way about Keely not telling him and brings this up. Keely feels like, he never asked, so she never had to say anything.


Keely says that Bleu is a non-factor in her life, can’t believe that Botchey is uncomfortable with this and goes off on him because, drama. Botchey tells her that he has a Tokyo Vanity event coming up and that she need not show up. You know she’s gonna show up just to be petty, though, right?

Fast forward to Tokyo Vanity’s event. Keely isn’t anywhere to be found at first, but Bleu DaVinci shows up because Tokyo is his friend. Bleu and Botchey finally get a moment to talk alone and Botchey expresses his concerns but Botchey is cool. Bleu mentions he hasn’t seen his son in 18 months, and the only thing he asks of Bothey is that he separates himself from any drama he and Keely have going on and Botchey is ok with that. That conversation ends well, but then Keely pops up like we knew she would. Her reasoning is to show Botchey that he doesn’t have any control over her.


Keely and Bleu come face to face for a heated discussion. Bleu’s side of the story is that Keely has been keeping their child from him. Keely says she got tired of him living the BMF lifestyle. They both go back and forth for a bit before realizing that they’re not going to get anywhere with this circular discussion and calming down. Then Keely starts making shady comments toward Karlie Redd so that gets heated. Then Sierra comes through with her friend who she introduces as K. Botchey’s girlfriend. But um, Keely is K. Botchey’s girlfriend. Naturally, Keely starts talking slick again and Sierra pops off. Security didn’t manage to catch Sierra in time, so she did yank the tracks out of Keely’s head and all kinds of hands were thrown and friends jump in before the brawl gets broken up. Pahty dun.

Later on it turns out that Sierra’s friend and Botchey had some kind of off again, on again situation going on so here we go again with that type of storyline.

Now we’re back with Bambi and Scrappy at dinner with Rasheeda, Tammy, and Momma Dee. Momma Dee immediately pulls out with some dang onesies as soon as Bambi sits down. That obviously forces Bambi to let the cat out of the bag. The other women are cool about it, especially because they’re moms, and agree to keep it on the low, or at least until this airs on TV.

Finally, the episode ends with Tokyo Vanity accusing Tobias of cheating because he was spotted out with his ex. He says he was offering support because his ex’ grandfather died. Tokyo doesn’t care. Tobias starts gaslighting her for being a virgin (“she’s insecure because she thinks he’s getting sex elsewhere”).  This becomes a yelling match until Tokyo gets so mad that she tries to run up on him, but the security holds her back in time and that’s the end of that.


Next week, the drama continues with Jasmine catching massive fade from Spice.


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