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Kanye West has dethroned Ben Carson and Clarence Thomas as the king of the sunken place. The Chicago is officially the head sunken man in charge ever since his comments about slavery being a choice, Malcolm X not being relatable and that Harriet Tubman shouldn’t be on the $20 bill. The man, who admits to not voting, said Donald Trump was his brother and they both shared “dragon energy.” He also debased himself by wearing a Make America Great Again hat.


Kanye has been dragged all over Twitter, which has been equally hilarious and sad. However, the most striking dragging was Snoop Dogg’s white version of Yeezy. See below:

We also can’t forget Ta-Nehisi Coates‘ epic takedown of West in his piece for The Atlantic, perfectly titled “I’m Not Black, I’m Kanye.” Coates wrote, “.West calls his struggle the right to be a ‘free thinker,’ and he is, indeed, championing a kind of freedom—a white freedom, freedom without consequence, freedom without criticism, freedom to be proud and ignorant; freedom to profit off a people in one moment and abandon them in the next.” He also adds, “The white freedom of Calabasas.” Calabasas is where Kanye lives with the Kardashian clan. While it does appear Kanye’s plan is to align himself with whiteness, it might already be failing. One of the whitest places in the world shut him down with their pockets — Australia.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, “On Saturday at 9am-sharp, West’s latest collaboration with Australian sportswear brand 2XU went on sale.” They were expecting “fanfare and mass hysteria.” However, not one customer showed up. “The brand waited for about 45-minutes before shutting the whole thing down with a representative telling Fairfax Media: ‘There’s been a change of direction from head office and unfortunately the event has been cancelled.’” In addition, the hashtag “#YEEZYx2XU” had only been used 10 times on Instagram.

This is particularly surprising considering just two years ago “Australian fans of the rapper and fashion designer queued for more than five hours at a time on a Bondi street before they were able to buy official merchandise of his Pablo tour.”

Well, so much for Kanye trying to align himself with whiteness. Australia is reportedly 91.2 percent white and has a horrific history of racism. Not even Australia is here for his foolishness. That sunken place may not be as profitable as he thinks.


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